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GI Health Foundation

The Gi Health Foundation (GiHF) was badly in need of website overhaul as it was outdated and not the most user-friendly. The expansion they had gone through over the years resulted in a lot of "band-aids" and temporary fixes to the site. The other challenge we faced was that the GiHF was closely partnered with two other sites, both of which hosted most of the content. We needed to streamline the navigation and find a way to limit the constant redirection the visitors were experiencing between the sites.

Our first goal was to visually update the site. We achieved this by lightening the colors used and expanding the surface area to accommodate wider monitors. We also transferred the Flash banner on the homepage to HTML 5 to allow for usability on all devices.

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We next needed to reorganize all of the content. We divided the site up by subject matter and also by type of content, that way users could easily and quickly access information based on what they were most interested in. One other problem we faced was limiting the amount of clicks between information. We solved that issue by featuring a few self-contained, scrollable boxes on each page full of content.

The resulting site is streamlined, open, and visually appealing.

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