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Foundation For Men's Health

Foundation for Men's Health was originally designed to briefly cover several diseases pertaining to men's health. As time went by, the need to divide the site into sections became apparent, and their site design could not handle this new structure. So, the Foundation for Men's Health came to us to decide the best course of action. We took a clean slate approach and developed a modular design that not only satisfied their current need, but also allows for future site expansion.

As part of the site branding, we developed a branding system for each of the disease sections. By assigning a different color for each section, it is easy for the user to identify what section they are in, and since the page structure remains the same the site still remains cohesive.

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We also wanted to keep in mind the increasing popularity of tablet and mobile web browsing. Our mantra was to provide "maximum information per click" since most users prefer to scroll for information rather than click. For example, on the homepage a user can quickly identify all the information that is provided for a particular sections, whether it's webcasts, slides, abstracts, etc

The result is a website that is user friendly, responsive, and expandable.

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