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Chronic Liver Disease Foundation

The Chronic Liver Disease Foundation approached us with the challenge to redesign their website. They had gone through tremendous growth over the last few years, and their website was not designed to handle the expansion. This resulted in a cluttered and confusing website with a less than favorable user experience.

Our first objective was to restructure all the content so the navigation would be more intuitive. This combing of the site provided a twofold benefit because we were able to eliminate much of the content that become outdated. Next we had to develop a site that would allow for future growth. This was achieved not only by restructuring the navigation, but also by using html for all navigation buttons and links; something that had previously been image based.

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The result is a site with a much cleaner layout, discernable content hierarchy, and enhanced SEO. Site views and a user's time on the site have both increased dramatically since the redesign. Visit chronicliverdisease.org and let us know what you think!

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