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Trial By Jury

We were presented with a unique challenge from the Chronic Liver Disease Foundation: design material for a medical education symposium that doesn't look like your typical medical or pharmaceutical event. The client wanted a symposium where different treatment methods could be debated by the speakers, and what better way to stage this than by having a mock trial. We were very pleased with this approach because it allowed us get creative with an industry that is typically very rigid and predictable.

First we created a seal that would be the icon for the event. It was used on all the collateral and a larger set piece was used for the judge's podium. This really helped brand the entire event and give an increased sense of credibility.

Trifold invitation for the symposium.


For the event, we provided a branded notepad, Q&A cards, and program booklet, all housed in a beautiful debossed leather padfolio. The result was a sophisticated, cohesive piece that was very well received by client, sponsor, and attendee alike.

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